Hello there

One thing I really miss from Sweden is all amazing flower shops! The other day I wanted to buy burgundy amaryllis, I tried three different places without any luck, I gave up and ran out of time, but I like these too, whatever they are called. Also, I like my fake candle, perfect when you have kids!! Yep, Oliver put his little finger in a real candle the other day… aaoowee! Hopefully he learned a lesson… poor thing!

Hello!! I’ve  been so busy lately. Decided to go on a trip on Friday, very last minute like always, so because of that it’s just been a lot, especially with the renovation, plus I needed a renovation too :) I finally got my hair done today! But, everything is going great and I’ve been very productive!

Now I need to take care of the dinner. I’m making salmon in the oven that I will serve with rice and a cold sauce of mixed avocado, a little sour cream (cream fraiche) salt, black pepper, lemon pepper and some fresh squeezed lemon juice. Quick and easy and very tasty!


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