Welcome December


This Xmas tree is so big and perfect, let’s buy that one! said an excited Eddie-Bo when we came to English garden :) And I had just told them on the way there that we needed to find a big tree, haha!


Here are some beautiful fake trees.

And outside they raced and played hide and seek and had so much fun, while I was most worried… I don’t really trust Oliver even though he has slowed down a little…

And here are some of the real ones. Love American Xmas trees, it doesn’t matter what size you pick, they are all so full and thick, gorgeous!!

After all running we finally agreed on a tree and my phone died (btw, I have a new Iphone and wow for the camera, much better then the old one). We will get the tree delivered next week when we get back from our trip.

So, tomorrow we are going to Mexico!!! If yesterday was busy, today was even busier. I decided not to stress though, that never helps, right?
Started the day with speech therapy for Oliver, dropped him off at home with our sitter, off to a meeting at the renovation house, plus picked out some paint colors, next chiropractor appointment, ate lunch in the car on the way to Ikea, bought a bathroom sink (that was out of stock last week) dropped off the sink, and now over to very important stuff :) got my eyebrows done and a spray tan (don’t want to be a see thru in Mexico, haha) After that I got home and then I realized I had promised the kids to pick out a tree, you always need to keep your promises!!
And I’m glad we went, we had a good time together and we ate dinner at Panera bread, back home, bedtime for the kids!! Now I’m saying hello to you and next I ‘just’ have packing up the bags left on the to do list, hehe!! I’m almost done with all kids stuff though…

As I said yesterday, it was a last minute decision to go on this trip, so that’s why these days had to be a little bit crazy. But I’m of course not complaining, I’m looking forward to this trip a lot!!

Kram//Xx Cissi


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