A sunset and about my criminal past!

Until next time Mexico!!

The heat of the sun is now changed to the heat from the fire place, so cozy to be back home and the xmas feeling came back to me as soon as we drove home from the airport, so beautiful outside with all the xmas lights everywhere. That’s one thing I didn’t have time to do before our trip, but will do tomorrow!

The flight from Cancun to Detroit only took 3 hours, the kids were amazing and everything really went great until I, as always, got stuck at the boarder control…
I have two incidents in my past that still haunt me.

One time, right before we got our Green cards, we had to leave USA and process our paperwork at the boarder. Hubby was supposed to do this when he came back from Canada with the team, that he never did. I thought I was good to go, I could only do the same process either with Johan or after him, so I took the car over to Canada and on my way back I was in big trouble… After hours of waiting they gave me a parole for one day to enter the country (typ tillstånd) and me and hubby had to go together the next day. My friend Glitzy was with me that night, I remember I said to her, before the game we just need to take the tunnel over to Canada and back (it’s only 1mile/1,6km) well, it didn’t go that fast and we missed the game…

And, I also once got ARRESTED!! Little innocent me, was driving in the middle of the night to pick up my make up bag, that I had forgotten at the gym earlier that day :) On my way back home I didn’t make a correct stop at a red light, no cars there except for me and the police car, so stupid, he pulled me over, and I didn’t have my driving license with me. This was before I had my Michigan license, so there was no proof who this little Swedish girl was… YOU ARE UNDER ARREST!!! They took my car key and pushed me against my car and handcuffed me, so surreal!! And all lights from the police cars, now two of them, it was like a disco, haha. They drove me to the police station, took my finger prints and a mug shot. Johan came home from a road trip to an empty house… he had to bail me out, for $100 :) True story!!

Kram//Xx from the criminal me

4 thoughts on “A sunset and about my criminal past!

  1. Annika December 11, 2016 / 1:58 am

    Even if I heard this story many times now, I still feels a bit sad for you every time…..


  2. Mel & Suan December 7, 2016 / 11:59 pm

    Oh you criminal! LOL. Lookng back now you laugh..
    But seriously when it happened it must had been really terrifying!


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