Organic raw juice & warm gloves

1G6A7493 (1).jpg

Green// apple, kale, celery, lemon, ginger     Yellow// apple, lemon, ginger   (Located on Maple/Telegraph, Bloomfield Hills)

Can you get an overdose of lemon and ginger?? Hopefully not… I’ve been drinking a lot of these juices the last 36 hours. A friend told me about this place the other day, so I decided to load up the fridge when I felt the cold was on the way. Love the design, don’t love the taste, but like is a word I can use at least :)
Last night hubby was nice giving me a ‘kids free night’, so I took a NyQuil (for all non Americans, put that on your shopping list if you travel to the States!) I slept soooo good, didn’t wake up once! And I’m already feeling better.


Now over to my favorite gloves! I know many people are UGG lovers like me. Both me and the kids are using their boots, and have done for many years now. No other boots are more warm or cozy, and same with these UGG gloves. LOVE them. My hands are always cold, and these are helping me stay warm!!
Maybe a little last minute christmas gift for yourself or someone else?!

And some Christmas shopping is exactly what I’m gonna do right now!! Click, click on the computer it is!!

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