Random pictures from today

Vörtbröd, check! A Swedish bread we eat this time of the year. I used Santa Marias Vörtbröd mix and followed that recipe.

Me today. I basically live in leather pants and knits at the moment. Or pajamas.

Sweater from Intermix. Love the cut and the long sleeves. (On sale right now!).


Nails, check! Color- Essies Wicked. Fingerless gloves, also from Intermix.

That was my look today when I drove around town, a day when everything went quick, believe it or not!! I did a visit to the mall, then to downtown Birmingham (All gifts, check!) off to the bank, then grocery shopping, and a back adjustment. All that within 3h!! Awesome day, check!

Later, Eddie-Bo and me played pik-a-stik!

Found this mini snowman in the freezer. Lisa, out babysitter is THE BEST!! Always comes up with fun ideas. Today they played with snow inside, haha!!

I kind of gave up on my outdoor lights this year. I got a breakdown when I was all done and plugged in the cords and half of my string lights were dead. So we have a few lights at least, plus I enjoy my neighbor’s lights. Great neighbor’s, check!

It’s now bedtime for the boys. Then I’m gonna wrap the gifts and end the night with a movie, maybe The Holiday, my Xmas favorite movie!!

See you tomorrow,
Kram// Xx Cissi

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