Birthday & my brother is here!

Today (December 23rd) me and the kids were singing Happy Birthday to hubby/daddy!!

Asked the other day what he wanted for his birthday -Scones! So, I baked that for breakfast!

After that I’ve spent hours and hours in the kitchen today. Lots of food to prepare for our Xmas smorgardsbord. Johan made the meatballs, and I’ve made Janssons frestelse (like a au gratin), salmon, ham, Santa’s rice pudding, birthday cake, dessert for tomorrow, lunch… and dinner, no that we picked up from a restaurant!!

In the afternoon my brother Victor and his Lina arrived!! And they checked in to our guest room in the basement.



Love having them here ♥

Now it’s midnight and I’m laying in bed totally exhausted!! Of course there were a few more gifts to wrap right before bedtime :) but now I’m ready for our big day tomorrow!! Can’t wait to see the kids excitement when they wake up!! We’ll be having a cozy and slow (I mean I hope so!) morning in pajamas, opening most our gifts then, and eat Xmas breakfast, before our guest are joining us in the afternoon. Santa will also come to see us, that’s tradition for Swedes.

Merry Xmas// God Jul!! Cissi

2 thoughts on “Birthday & my brother is here!

  1. galgfia December 24, 2016 / 9:22 am

    Vi skickar massor av ❤❤❤ och vet att ni har det bra…det är det viktigaste. Älskar er massor


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