More from Christmas Eve



As our family tradition, the morning started with Santa’s treasure map (skattkarta), four clues, this year lead to a big police car! No pictures from that, that went too fast :) Then we had breakfast and opened the other gifts. We Swedes normally wait with all the gifts till Santa comes in the afternoon. But we decided to do “the American way”, but all the kids got a few gifts when Santa showed up.

Swedish Christmas smorgardsbord, yum!!


And glögg! Unfortunately we can only get the non-alcohol version at Ikea, so we mix it with some red wine. Not as good though!


How cute!! Our youngest guest Leon, with mom Evelina ♥

Today, Christmas Day, we’ve spent at our friends Jana and Marc’s house. Another great day with amazing food and company! We crash all their holidays, feels like our American family! And to my lovely family back home, I miss you guys!!

Tomorrow we have no plans, and I’m looking forward to just be home and relax. I love Xmas but it has been so busy lately with all preparations, traveling, plus me and Oliver got sick, that totally ruined my schedule. I said to hubby today -I think I hit the Xmas wall :) So a relaxing day is just what I need right now!

2 thoughts on “More from Christmas Eve

  1. Christina December 26, 2016 / 9:49 am

    Så fint!! Och både Bregott och krustader på julbordet! Vi firar julen i Sverige i år och njuter av svensk mat på plats! Jag måste också fråga dig var du köpt de fin höga ljusstakarna med marmor (?) fot? Så läckra! Kram och god fortsättning! Christina


    • franzenresidence December 27, 2016 / 4:45 pm

      Julbord, hur gott!! Tack! Dom är från amerikanska CB2. God fortsättning!!


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