More from Mexico

Jana, Elle and me living life!

Love her!! Also love the bikini, from Target, and the sunnies from RayBan.

Lisa and Oliver are always having fun together.


Beau, Lucas and Eddie-Bo at one of many stops at the Sweet Corner.

The rain didn’t stop the the kids from having fun.

1G6A9086 (1).jpg
Oliver, how cute!!

Hubby ♥ A fan of me, but not of my camera :)


More floating! Here with Dr Snygg (Dr Handsome)/Marc/Dr Gray/Our chiropractor :) The only good thing that has come out of my crappy back, is our friendship with Marc and Jana!! Love you guys, and thanks for an amazing trip!!

It’s always a good feeling being home after a vacation. We woke up to lots of snow today, so time for us to go outside and have fun. Also, need to unpack all bags and clean up the kitchen. It looks like a tornado just passed here…

Kram// Xx Cissi


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