Can’t wait to meet you


Oh man, I miss my crazy, funny, amazing friend Glitzy so much!! Never a dull moment with her :)

And I can’t wait to meet her baby Stella ♥  And guess who will be her Godmother, yep, me me me!! So proud!! I just wish we would live closer, so we could hang out and have lots of fun together. Might happen in the future though, who knows!


Stella is an ambassador for Stokke! You can also follow her on instagram @stella_linder :)


Her house is very nice too!!


Here she shows some new stuff for her room, dressed in Mini Rodini! A little fashionista is born. You and me Stella, I promise to be one of your favorites in your life!! Please check your mom’s busy schedule and come visit soon!!! (Pictures from

Glitzy is also my friend that owns and designs the workout clothes ShapeMeUp. Part of, or the whole (I’m not sure) new collection just came out, so that’s what I’m gonna order right now! Will show you as soon they get here!!

Kram// Xx Cissi

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