About the bachelorette party!


Hahaha, I’m still laughing at this banner on our paaaarty bus that took us from place to place all night long!

Blurry pictures, blurry night!!! What a crazy fun bachelorette party, celebrating Sam, Julie and Devon, three lovely brides to be. I was laughing non stop!! I love our hockey family and will truly miss all this in the future!

During our dinner, that was our first stop, I got a text from hubby -Don’t forget to bring Eddie-Bo’s hockey bag home… (Before the party started I took Oliver and Eddie-Bo to the Redwing’s game, and Johan took them back home, and I left my car at the rink, with his hockeybag in it, that he of course needed early the day after!!!) We do have the best parking guys in the world at the rink, so Dave (that I dressed up like at Halloween :) ), left his home to get the bag and dropped it off where we were, and then the bag had to come with me all night, at the bus and also into a nightclub where we ended the night, haha. This is so typical me!! But, the bag made it all the way home, woohoo #hockeymomoftheyear!!

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