Renovation update


Yesterday, these guys woke me up and said -We are coming to install the railing. And I thought ‘Wow on a Saturday’!! Then i realized it was Thursday :)


Love! Will show you some before and after pictures soon.


The floor, taadaa!! Only the shoe molding (liten list) is missing here.


The living room.


From the kitchen.


Love the ceiling!


The family room, or at the moment my contractor’s office and lunch room! Next week it’s time for me to paint the chimney! This room got painted long time ago. I remember I said white shelfs please, but I changed my mind and called back an hour later and said grey! But it was too late, they work fast my painting crew!! But it still bugs me a little, even if it looks  good!

Ok, let’s go down to the basement!


Drywalls in the new laundry room, check!

1G6A0299 (1).jpg

And I guess they are drywalling here, right now! It was a weird layout here from the beginning. Hard to see in the picture, but we knocked down a door and a closet, moved the door to the bathroom and made a whole new laundry room where a storage room was.

And behind me is…


… this room, that is waiting for paint and a cozy carpet. And a clean up!

2 thoughts on “Renovation update

  1. Lina February 24, 2017 / 12:00 pm

    Men jag orkar inte vad fint!!! Vill bo där!!


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