Come on weather…


March is not my favorite month of the year, at all!! You get a few wonderful days and then it’s like a punch in the face and the snow is back! I really like snow and winter between November-February, but after that I’m done!! Unless I go on a ski trip :)


Back to Uggs…


The kids went sledding with our babysitter after school, while I finished up the tax work (finally done, yeah!), another reason I don’t like March, I guess! Right now Oliver is playing with snow inside, a good tip if you don’t want to go outside :)
Another tip is to use outdoor planters inside. This one is from Restoration Hardware.

Snow today and a windstorm last week, one of the largest ever in Michigan! 730 000 of 1 millon people lost power, that lasted between 24h-4 days!! How crazy! Some schools were even closed. We were lucky this time, only lost power for a few seconds and it messed up the tv system. My renovation house lost power though, that delayed some work. But that’s nothing if I compare to many of my friends!!

Now, time to cook dinner and later tonight I’ll be watching the final of the Bachelor, I know…!
Kram//Xx Cissi



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