That’s what I like


Cryotherapy, have you tried it?! Ok I’ve to admit it’s not an amazing feeling while you are in there. Those 2-3 minutes are freaking cold (-247F/-155C)!! But the feeling after, that’s what I like!! To name a few good things about cryotherapy – you get energized, it reduces inflammation, it tightens your skin and burns lots of calories. Also good for jetlag and hangovers, just saying. This is were I go Gray Chiropractic & Wellness Center, both for cryo and adjustments. Dr Marc Gray is amazing! I’m sponsored and we are great friends, but I really mean every word!! Bible.
Now you might think ,wow, she has greasy hair… well, it’s just massage oil from last night…


…when my other Mark “Massage Mark” came to our house. You’ll find him at the spa at Lifetime fitness on Telegraph. Sooooo good!!!


Another thing I like, kisses from Oliver! He came in to say good night, and also took some lotion and gave me a 30 second massage, love him!!

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