Charity work

Oh man, due to bad planning, yesterday was a really busy, little bit stressful, but in the end a very rewarding day!

I started the day with a PT session at the gym, followed by a quick shower, speed cleaned out the boys closets, off to a conference meeting at Eddie-Bo’s school (utvecklingssamtal), then to Kroger to fill up the whole car with diapers, wipes, formula etc (blöjor, våtservetter, mjölkersättning mm), at that time I cut my thumb on a diaper box… that didn’t want to stop bleeding. With napkins wrapped around my thumb, I ate lunch in the car on my way downtown for some charity work, and I spent the whole afternoon at Alternatives For Girls. It’s a shelter for women and kids in need. (So that’s why I did that shopping and cleaned out my boys closets, for donations. I should have prepared that another day… oh well)

We organized their closet, puh… so much stuff and so messy. But we did our very best!

Yesterday’s squad from ‘The Lady Wings’.

The most rewarding part of the visit this time, was to spend time with the girls at their after school program. We helped with homework and I was reading this important story with a sweet 8 year old. No pictures were allowed, for many different reasons. Of course for privacy and some moms and children might be hiding… so many tragic stories.

Not the best neighborhood in Detroit, but definitely not the worst either! An ambulance and fire truck just passed me with sirens on!

When I got back home, I had two minutes to chug a cup of coffee and a snack, before it was time to take Eddie-Bo to a practice! Later when the kids were in bed, I crashed in my bed watching some relaxing and totally meaningless tv show. It might have been The real housewives of Beverly Hills… Contrasts of the day to say the least!

2 thoughts on “Charity work

  1. Annika March 22, 2017 / 9:34 pm

    Det är ju väldigt lätt att först fästa blicken på en bild….så jag blev lite orolig när jag såg vilken röra du hade i din garderob ;) Vilket meningsfullt jobb ni gör….hoppas få följa er lite mer.


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