Ikea lover


Oh my, I just totally love this shelf (Faltersbo) from Ikea!! I wanted to use it for my renovation house, but it didn’t fit size wise. But, it will be perfect for my Swedish guesthouse! (Lina assistant, löp och köp!)

I wish I had some fresh pictures of the guesthouse, without fingerprints on the fridge and with the knobs installed :) However, don’t you think the Falsterbo shelf would be perfect on the wall to the left?!


And maybe one between the windows…


Also, on my shopping list for this house -Barstools! Btw, the chairs above are also favorites from a Ikea. I sent my dad to get these for me, it was a limited edition, but poor thing came like 15 minutes too late, they sold out like in an hour and I was so sad… but I ended up buying them in Detroit and sent them home, haha, crazy!


I really like that we did a ‘waterfall’ countertop here, even though we could have done a full depth instead of a more narrow. I planned this kitchen last year from the States. Not always the easiest to have the Atlantic in between, hehe!

More Ikea love. I bought these two shelfs (Vittsjö) today:



My car is at the moment full of stuff from today’s trip to Ikea. Perfect for the staging!

Now, from Swedish Ikea to a Swedish reality show, Parnevik’s! (Jesper Parnevik, the golfer, has a reality show and their family is just AMAZING!!) Always makes me smile!

Kram// Xx Cissi

6 thoughts on “Ikea lover

  1. Jackie gores April 1, 2017 / 1:57 am

    I looked for you at IKEA I was there the other day. Love the shelf!!


  2. SammyandSufi March 31, 2017 / 8:19 am

    Your choice of tile and granite is on point, looks so open and practical!


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