Farewell to The Joe

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My boys ♥ Tonight is gonna be a very special moment for us. Eddie-Bo and his team are gonna play a 3 minute game in the first intermission at the Redwings game!!! Eddie-Bo literally grew up in this arena, he took his first steps in the family room with a stick in his hand, and Redwings has always been great to the kids and letting them hang out with the team practice days and after games. He knew all the players names and numbers and sang the national anthem song (both American and the Canadian) by the age of two. He LOVES hockey!!! So for us, we couldn’t asked for a better ending at the Joe!! I get teary eyes just thinking about Eddie-Bo entering the ice tonight!!

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I think I can say I grew up here too :) I was 24 years old when we moved to Detroit, and I have spent many many hours here. I loved watching Johan play, and I still like coming here, even it’s not the same anymore.


Our amazing babysitter Lisa! It was her birthday wish to get a tour of Joe Louis!! Her birthday was in February… so yesterday we decided it was time to go before the Joe is gone!!

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Two more games to play, tonight and tomorrow, and after that we’ll say Farewell to The Joe!! Thanks for all the great memories!!!


3 thoughts on “Farewell to The Joe

  1. John lindell April 9, 2017 / 4:58 am


    Jag känner inte er men har läst att Johan har fått många svåra hjärnskakningar verkligen tråkigt. Själv fick jag en ordentlig hjärnskakning efter skidolycka. Jag var helt slut i veckor orkade knappt röra mig och minsta ansträngning gjorde att jag blev helt slut. Jag gick efter ett tag till sacral behandling och det hjäpte, tröttheten försvann även fast jag har lite huvudvärk. Hur hon gjorde vet jag inte men plötsligt kände jag en förändring under behandlingen. Om ni vill veta mer så kontakta mig gärna. Jag känner henne inte som utförde behandlingen och har verkligen ingen egen vinning annat än att hjälpa till. Best of luck.


  2. Dina April 8, 2017 / 8:43 pm

    Great pictures of your family and the Joe. Sure miss Johan on the ice. Sure hope he is having less symptoms these days . Wishing your family all the best. Thanks for sharing and the memories .. Wings and the joe will forever be part of what makes us who we are. 💖🏒🌟🎖🏆🚨🐙


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