Happy weekend

1G6A2493 (1).jpg

A giant copper mug, yes please! Since I love Mexican mules served in copper mugs I had to add this big one to my collection. From Pier1, in case you feel you need one too!

Well, no Mexican mules for me tonight. I’m having a cozy movie night with the kids at the moment. We started the morning with a school field trip to Detroit Zoo, then lunch at The Pancake House (I love pancakes!) after that, home for a bit and then I took them skating. Oliver finally wants to skate, and I promised him he could do that today, and I thought Johan was gonna be home… but he’s at a bachelor party :) It’s important to keep your words, so I brought my skates… not as talented as the dad, but we had so much fun! And of course I forgot both camera and phone. Eddie-Bo said -It’s ok mom, you don’t have to take photos of everything :) Oh it’s been a great day. Love hanging out with my boys ♥

Happy weekend my friends!!

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