My temporary lounge


After the kids were in bed tonight I enjoyed some me time right here! Well needed after a weekend with full house!

On the shopping list for our living room -sofa and tv. But for right now I took what we had and made it to a lounge area. The rug, table and the chair to the right belong to the guest house. The grey chair to the right used to be my grandma’s, so that piece feels extra special to me. With some paint and new fabric it looks like new! The two ones to the left are from Newport, that I ordered last summer… and now when unpacked them I realized they’ve sent one in wrong color… another dark grey is on the way!

I’m so in love with this house. Can’t wait until everything is done though!! Waiting is not my thing… hehe… I’ve to show you the exterior soon, then you’ll understand what I’m talking about!

The bed is calling. Wait. Eddie-Bo’s bed is calling. Nope, we still don’t have a big one for me and hubby :) Our to do list is looooong!

2 thoughts on “My temporary lounge

  1. Jenny sörensson June 26, 2017 / 6:37 am

    Så fint! Mattan är en riktig goding. Dörren? I bakgrunden…är det en dörr med glas o spröjs eller ser jag galet. Tröttnar du kan du skicka dem till Småland. Jag kan alltid trycka in den nånstans. 🤣


    • franzenresidence June 26, 2017 / 6:44 am

      😀 ja, dubbeldörrarna är gjorda i järn och glas fattas just nu men ska lämnas in till glasmästaren när han får tid 🙄 mattan är vintage, hittade den på Ikea förra sommaren! Tack fina du!


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