Spontaneous dinner with lovely friends


Lets talk about our delicious dinner last night! Our friend ‘Darling’ (another friend’s kid thought that was his real name, since his wife Pattis always calls him that, haha) is amazing in the kitchen. Yesterday he came over with home grown potatoes, rib eye, sausages and then he made his own béarnaise sauce. Of course. I love having Darling in my kitchen!!


Instead of a regular salad I decided to do grilled veggies.


And I made roasted red beets with goat cheese, caramelized walnuts and arugula salad. (I made the same earlier this week – a real favorite!!)



Next summer their will be a big sliding door instead of the window you see, and a big deck so we can sit outside!



Mia made chocolate mousse and Gustav mixed mojitos (with home grown mint leaves!). Both to die for!! I went to bed 3am :)

Today we all took a long boat ride since the weather was great. For lunch we made a fab ‘Pytt i Panna’ of all the yummy left overs. So so so good!

Thank you my friends for two fun spontaneous days!

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