About this wall


This wall with the big black window and the custom built shelf, oh I love it! After a few e-mails back and force in the spring, (between me in the States and our kitchen company Falerumkök in Sweden), the shelf turned out exactly how I wanted it. Once again they did a great job! The shelf is the same color as the kitchen, and soon the baseboard (golvlisten) will be too.


These nice coffee table books are from Newport.


And this porcelain (or is it pottery?!) head is from Esq in Linköping.


All three candleholders – also from Newport. (The circle ones – the brand Klong).

Before we traveled back to the States we packed up all these things in boxes, I know there is more building dust to come… Oh can’t wait to get this house all done!!

Now time for Game of Thrones. I’m only at the second season and I start to get hooked. Last week I finished Gypsy on Netflix, and then realized there will be no season two, bummer… but Game of Thrones are seven seasons so here we go!

Happy weekend!

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