Charity day/ Välgörenhetsdag


Yesterday the ‘Lady Wings’ helped  Humble Design to put together a home for a Detroit family in need. Luke Glendening and Darren Helm from the Redwings stopped by to help and hand over a check to this incredible organization. For more info or if you want to donate money or furniture/stuff click here.  After lots of cleaning and hard but fun work we turned an empty house into this ↓


To see the joy when the mom and her three kids came home, priceless!! And to know this family now has a place to live with their own beds and toys etc… that makes me so happy! It’s so important to give back to the community!

Side note. Eddie-Bo was reading on my t-shirt when I came home -Lady Wings!! He thought that name was so funny and kept laughing thinking of a game between Lady Wings and Lady Oilers etc… my sport nerd!

Kram//Xx Cissi


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