Happy weekend



Hello! There is so much that I love about our Us home and that I wouldn’t change if I would do it over again. We moved in about five years ago. Our closets are on my top list for sure. First of all I love that we have them separate and that we did Johan’s more masculine with darker colors and mine are lighter. Johan’s is also next to the laundry room, very convenient!

A surprise visitor came while I was taking photos. I thought he was asleep!

It’s time for me to pick up Eddie-Bo from school. He has a hockey game tonight that we are looking forward to. Oliver is also having a special evening. He is going to Halloween in Greenfield Village with friends and Lisa our babysitter, plus is having a sleepover at her house! He packed up halloween costume, cereal (flingor) and flossing (tandtråd), and no he has never used that before!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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