Cover boy, firemen and plumber


My husband with his concussion brain, mood swings worse than a woman with PMS. Puh. Right now happy as you can see, but just came out of two terrible weeks. Right now we are enjoying having my brother and nephew here, so nice!

Last night we went to Jay Z and right after the concert I got a call from our babysitter, that the alarm went off and firemen were in the house. Panic! No fire, but our sump pumps were broken. Not good, that means the basement can overflow. Short after tipsy me came home I had an amazing plumber coming to replace the pumps, between 1.30-4am. Top notch service and he saved us from a flooded basement! So thankful!!

Now time for lunch, and later we are going downtown to watch Redwings game!

2 thoughts on “Cover boy, firemen and plumber

  1. Anonymous November 19, 2017 / 1:27 pm

    What a threesome!! 💜


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