Cute oldie and my status



This old man and the girls makes me smile!! How cute!! This is an ad that came with Saks Fifth Avenue in the mail years ago. I had forgotten I had saved it, but now it’s framed in an old Ikea frame and bright up my bathroom wall. So that’s todays tip – cut out cool pictures from magazines and frame them!


Lets talk about sick me now! Yesterday I missed a Swedish afternoon at Emma’s house, we were supposed to watch Mello (a Swedish song contest) and eat Swedish chocolate pudding, my favorite! I was so bummed… but guess who came over with chocolate pudding to poor me :) So thoughtful, thank you again sweetest Emma ♥

Today’s status. Oh faaaawk…. I’m better, but I’m still not feeling amazing and we are leaving for Aspen tonight!! I’m trying to pack up and rest in between. I get dizzy when I stand up, but get bored when I’m laying down. So I’m glad I can spend some time to update the blog at least :)

See you in Aspen peeps!! Hopefully from the slopes.

2 thoughts on “Cute oldie and my status

  1. Dina February 18, 2018 / 9:08 pm

    Hope you feel better soon. Safe travels to Aspen.


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