Hello from Aspen

Hello from a snowy and very cold Aspen! More precise Snowmass, which is one of the Aspen mountains. These are the only pictures I’ve taken outdoors so far. And that’s because I want to minimize the risk to lose any fingers. -18C/0.4F in the village earlier today, and that means it’s about a million negative degrees on the top :) However, lots of fresh snow, unfortunately wind packed, not the perfect powder, but still so fun!! Ok. I was miserable after my first two runs, I did not look good at all… but before lunch I was flying down! After that we picked up Eddie-Bo from his ski school and then we skied together in the afternoon.


So while we were very active, poor Oliver had to stay at the hotel with a high fever. No not alone, our best babysitter Lisa is with us! His favorite ♥

I’m back on track completely today. I skied for a few hours yesterday, but was exhausted. We didn’t get much sleep the first night either. We checked into the hotel at 1am local time, 3am our time (in the middle of the night) after a delayed flight. When we connected in Salt Lake City we had 17 minutes to the next flight, of course from another terminal… I  took the lead and ran for my life with a warm coat and bag, still a little bit sick… after came Eddie-Bo, Johan holding Oliver, Lisa limping with a bad knee all stressed out. Finally at the gate they told us something was wrong with our plane… for real!! If we just would have known… after awhile we got a new plane at a new gate, and spent an hour on the plane before we took off… one of those days. Oh well we made it!!


I bought this book at the airport, I’ve heard both the book and the movie are really good! Reading and early bed time it is. Need that.

Kram//Xx Cissi

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