Birthday prep


You’ll decorate the kitchen and living room the night before my birthday like you always do, right?! Awe, my lovely Eddie-Bo. Of course I will!! That made me so happy, that means he cares and appreciate my traditions. He mentioned the banner and ballons, cute! Also on his wish list was hot chocolate and salty peanuts served in bed. The peanuts will be a new thing :)


Also tradition, to wrap gifts way too late in the night… seems impossible to do things like that days ahead :)  Can’t wait to go up and sing for him and celebrate, to give him a new Stiga rod/table hockey (the old one is so used and broken…) a hockey hoodie, Larkin jersey and a signed Larkin stick, his favorite player at the moment. Oh my, I think these are perfect gifts for our hockey crazy son!

Oh I just love birthdays!!

2 thoughts on “Birthday prep

  1. Dina February 28, 2018 / 12:15 pm

    Happiest birthdays to Eddie-Bo!! Hope the greatest soon to be 7 year old has the best day! Grattis🎂🏒🚨😊


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