When in Jackson Hole

Hotel Jackson, super nice hotel!

And the town is beautiful and cozy.

Amazing skiing!! Can’t get enough. I just love it!!

So much fun with these two!! It hit me yesterday that we’ve been friends for twenty years!!! From that on everything turned in to our 20 years anniversary celebration :) Never a dull moment when we get together!

Cheers for us!!

Cheers again! Mmm Mexican mule after all skiing.

Marcus – is he a model for Bud Light, Hestra or Johan Lindeberg 2019?!

Piiiiirrriii!! And I’m Ciiiiirriii!! Always there for me! He says he’s my bitch :)

And this. Heli Skiing!!!! So cool!! Unfortunately this was the day before I got there. And we were supposed to do it together yesterday. But it got canceled due to the weather. Wtf!! My best ski memory is when I went Heli skiing in Telluride years ago. Oh my, best experience ever!!!!

The view of the Rocky Mountain. We are now on our way back home to Michigan.

Side note. All these pictures are taken with my new IPhone X, I’m impressed. Well done Apple.

Now I’m looking forward to get home to my boys!

Kram//Xx Cissi

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