First day of spring


March 20th is the first day of spring they say! It’s freeeeezing again here though… up and down it is. Can’t wait to get rid of all winter clothes in the mud hall. I’m in a maniac cleaning out mode, don’t hate me. Love when that happens :) I’ve filled the sauna with lots of clothes, toys and stuff for donation. The kids are sometimes coming to me saying -Lets give this toy to a baby or kid that doesn’t have so many things ♥ Makes me very proud!!



I bought some pussy willows (sorry but that name makes me giggle… I’m so mature, I know) and put them in my tall smoke/bluish vase from Restoration Hardware.

I have those vases in a few different sizes, and the other day my biggest and widest one broke… and before that happened it had a small crack in it and leaked water on my coffee table, that now is destroyed. But to be honest, I’m sad for the vase,  but the table I’ve had for twelve years, so a new one won’t hurt :)

Kram//Xx Cissi




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