Guest bathroom


Sitting here thinking if I’ve ever showed you our guest bathroom?! It’s one of two :) We have a big house, and thru the years we have been having LOTS of guests, like now! Two families arrived yesterday and it’s Johan’s childhood friends, and I was not even home to welcome them, how rude! It was just that detail that Johan told me a week ago that they were coming, so I’d already bought NBA tickets for the family, hehe. (More about that later, we had so much fun!).


New fresh towels from Crate & Barrel.


And a matching rug.


I always think it’s a good idea to have a shower head and handle bar, for the days when you don’t want to wash your hair.


We started the day with brunch at Bistro Joe’s, followed by Eddie-Bo’s practice. And now we are back home and all the hockey crazy boys are now playing hockey at our sport court while we moms pretend it’s warm in the sun. It’s freezing.

Have a great Sunday!! I was planning to take the girls to see Pink tonight, but she cancelled the show due to the flu… too bad!!

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