Mattsson macka!


Mattsson macka – ‘Toast Mattsson’ goes all the way back to the the 80’s :) It was one of my dad’s best friends, Kjell Mattsson, that introduced me to these a millon years ago. Only ‘wrong’ here, I could only find red fish row in the stores near me, it looks so much better with the black one :)

You only need – toasts, sour creme, shrimps, red onion and fish row on the top. No cooking needed, and everyone makes there own toasts!

Du behöver endast – rostade mackor, creme fraîche, räkor, rödlök, stenbitsrom.


From one of the nights when half of Sweden were here. It’s super quick and easy and absolutely delicious, well if you like shrimp. A little bit messy with the peeling but whatever. Here in Us I get the shrimps, and the black fish row (in a glass jar), at Ikea. In Sweden you can buy these types of shrimps in all grocery stores or from the fish truck. The very best, the fresh ones on the west coast, oh my!!


That was today’s little tip if you are a shrimp lover!

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