Our master bathroom


There are so many things I love about our house, our master bathroom is for sure one of them. I started to design this over six years ago when we built the house, and I could do the exact same bathroom over again!
Custom build vanity// Braam kitchen

1G6A5863 (1)


I keep my favorite jewelries in a box from West Elm.


Wall faucets// Axor Hansgrohe


Tile and marble// Ciot


Shower head and shower pieces// Axor Hansgrohe



Bathtub, faucets and all shower pieces are all from Advanced plumbing.

Update- Brandywine has built our amazing home!! Just saying if you are looking for a great builder in Birmingham area!

Now time to bring the kiddos for lunch and enjoy the afternoon outside. Later tonight some girlfriends and I are going to see Maks & Val show, from Dancing with the stars! I’m so excited, love dancing!! I have a dream to one day learn Argentine tango…

2 thoughts on “Our master bathroom

  1. Glitzan April 22, 2018 / 4:34 pm

    Där har man ju duschat några gånger. Johan: tänk om jag hade kommit då?


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