Productive day


For my new project I’m working on, I want a glass wall with double doors exactly like this ↑  Copy paste. Time to hire ‘Hectors smide’ again, he did our iron doors at our Swedish renovation house ↓


Otherwise this day – I’ve been planning a little bit for the summer, like signed up Eddie-Bo for hockey camp, scheduled a company to make sure all new water lines get hooked up in our Småland house. We have had our own water and sewer tank, and finally we get city water and city sewer lines. No more worries when the stupid tank will be full! So done with that :) I scheduled our cleaning companies, we will rent out the Småland house to three different German families, and so I want to make sure every thing is set!


The kitchen in Småland.


And living room.

I also planned our bar area in our pool house at our renovation house. I picked out a new fabric for our sofa here in US. And also took a trip to Dr Gray Chiropractic and Wellness Center to treat my back. You can see some pictures from there on My Stories on Instagram @cissifranzen.

Now dinner time and later Eddie-Bo and I will go to an event at his school!

Some days I get nothing done (ok honestly very rare… hahaha) but today has been a really productive one, without any stress though!

Kram//Xx Cissi






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