Not so lazy day after all


Hello from the kitchen island, that I use a lot! I kind of miss a big bouquet of fresh flowers here, but I cut off a piece of my big monstera, better than nothing!


If you are building or renovating and thinking of marble or silestone/quarts (kvartskomposit) I would go with the later option. We have real marble and it’s very sensitive, you can see a lot of matte stains.


Since we had no plans today, we decided to join Emma and Henrik for a trip to Greenfield Village, and today it was a ‘Day out with Thomas the train’. So a train ride, a ride in an old T Ford, fun playground and more filled our day. I thought we were done after that but Eddie-Bo really wanted to go to Henry Ford Museum as well, that is at the same place, so we did. He especially wanted to see the old kitchens, furnitures and airplanes again :)

Now we are back home and I’m so tired!! No energy to cook dinner so I’ll use UberEats, if you don’t know what that is – it’s an app where you can order dinner from different restaurants and they deliver to your door. The app is connected to your card, so you don’t even have to get your wallet, just order the food! Love all services you can get :)

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