Patio life


Hello from the patio, now finally with a rug! I could have gone a size bigger, I think it looks best when it covers all the chairs, but I was afraid it would be a stumble hazard where we walk all the time… and when I found this one at Ikea I decided to go for it! It gave the patio a much more cozy feeling.




Table and Hurricane// Restoration Hardware   Green vase// West Elm   Gold planter// Plum Market and the green leaves are leftovers from the peonies in the living room. Always a good idea to put leftover leaves in a smaller vase instead of throw them away.


A detail I really like on the table.


I just took up the ‘palm’ in the grey planter from the basement – it was not so happy down in the dark so hopefully it will enjoy the patio life as much as I do! Also, I like to move things around to get a new feeling.
Next project here – hang up string lights in the ceiling, that I bought three years ago… We use this space a lot this time if the year, day and night time, and the light we have now are way too bright. I want a softer light and that you will get from string lights!

Time to end this lazy Sunday with the final episode of Homeland, love that show!


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