Finally a fanny pack


Yay or nay?? My brother Victor puked in his mouth I think when I sent him a picture, maybe it was just the color, haha… he’s not a fan of shine metallic things, but I LOVE IT!!
Finally I’m a owner of a fanny pack (magväska alltså)!! I guess it’s about thirty years since I had one :) I’ve been saying for years, especially on vacations and at amusement parks that I really need one. The ‘cool’ way to wear it now is cross body, but I like it like this too!


I found my  fanny pack (brand- EPTM) at Caruso Caruso in Birmingham, about $60 I think. And the pants are another new favorite bargain – from Zara.

Johan asked the other day if the bag is stuck to me? And yes it is :)

Here’s are a few pictures from a week ago, when the fanny pack made it to it’s first dinner and concert. A really fun night! And I’m glad Johan came with us, which is not always the case. He’s been feeling pretty good lately ♥

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