Passport issues


Passports, and a new nice computer case from Target.

Hello from Sweden! We made it after some issues… Oh my, for you who have seen my Instastory from Monday knows what happened. All my bragging in my last post about being all done with no stress and that I’ve learned from thirteen years of traveling between The States and Sweden… bla bla bla. But we all know that THE ONLY thing you really need when you travel is valid passport. And nope, we didn’t have that, Oliver’s was EXPIRED by a week, they told us at the airport!! So Johan and Eddie-Bo flew home as planned and Oliver and I ended up staying, I mean we had no choice… and got a new passport done the next day in Downtown Detroit, and we made it back to Sweden arriving Tuesday instead on Monday! Puh…

And then it took me a few days to find my Swedish cellphone… and Johan’s didn’t work… and no internet. But now all that is fixed!

Kram//Xx Cissi


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