Midsummer 2018

Worst blog week ever?! :) Anyhow, here comes a picture rain from Midsummer, one of Sweden’s biggest holidays! Normally we host a big big party, but this year we took a break, since we came home to Sweden so late. Instead we went home to our friends Pattis and Darling (we all call him Darling!).

Family car selfie. Oliver’s face hehe!!
Glitzy is taking photos of…
…me who is taking a photo of the lunch :)
Tadaa!! Lots of herring and a salmon cheesecake


Cute Stella in a traditional flower crown
Happy after a tractor ride :) Love this photo 🖤
Silly dance around the pole :) 
Back at the house again it was time for strawberry cake
My adorable God daughter Stella in my headband!

And after this I stopped taking photos. But we played games and ate a delicious dinner! It was a very calm (for once, haha) but fun Midsummer. Always good to catch up with our lovely friends!!

Omg!! I’m blogging from my phone and I don’t have WiFi… I’m ripping my hair soon… photos are disappearing, changes size and the text jumps around…. need to fix this ASAP!!

Kram//Xx Cissi

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