Our lovely summer house


I had a plan to take fresh pictures of the summer house in Småland (in Björköby to be more specific. That’s close to Johan’s hometown and we built this house 2006, my first bigger project). But our plans got changed and we left earlier than planned so there was no time for me and the camera! However it looks the same as last year. So here comes some pics from the archive.



Details from our small bedroom. The headboard is made by Johan and I many many years ago, and the mirror is made by an old friend, probably 15 years old. The table light is a mix of two lights, I like to mix brass and chrome and another favorite detail is the porcelain bowl that I bought on one of our trips to Thailand.


This house is also by a lake and right here the ‘building size rules’ are very strict. We made the bedroom as small as possible and saved some space by using drapes instead of closet doors, sliding doors would have worked but I like the soft feeling you get from the drapes. Behind the drapes are two simple closets with drawers in the middle, and on each side there are two rods for hangers.

I feel you if you are confused by all our houses. I am too sometimes. And the kids. They always ask – What house are we going to?! For new followers – Hello and welcome! I’m trying to use my categories so this house I call ‘Summer house Sweden’, and the the other one ‘Swedish lake house’, hmm I might have been drunk when I came up with that… and the third one is USA home!

Now – time to kill a crazy annoying fly before I fall asleep.


One thought on “Our lovely summer house

  1. Pat McAllister August 16, 2018 / 5:51 pm

    I am so glad I found your blog! Your homes are beautiful and you clearly have a great eye for decorating. I must admit that I am also happy to see pictures of your family, and especially Johan smiling. I am a Red Wing fan and I loved watching Johan play. He was also very very nice to us when we met him, mostly in Nashville where he signed his jersey and taught us how to say “bra jobbat” in Swedish (I hope I have that right – meaning “Good Work”). We even made a sign saying “bra jobbat” that we held up on the glass during warm up one game and I think Johan shot a puck at us. I think of him often and I hope he is recovering well from the concussions. God bless the Franzen family – Pat McAllister


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