Master bathroom part 1


Photos of our Master bathroom! Cabinets// Falerumkök  Concrete sink// BetongDesign  Handles// Buster and Punch


Part two will come. Technical issues with the uploading!

Hello there!! I’m at the moment sitting on our flight back to Detroit, the Swedish summer has come to an end for the boys and I. Johan is staying a bit longer to keep working on his gigantic garage! I belong to the people who like to fly, I think it’s relaxing to just sit here and you can’t do anything else than watch a movie or two, take a nap, eat, listen to podcasts and work on the computer. Ok it could be even more relaxing with a better wifi :) The kids are so used to fly and they are literally taking care of themselves, they know how to manage the tv, their Ipads, read some books and order food etc.

I feel that I never get enough time to take photos and blog in Sweden. We normally have lots of lovely friends and family visiting and the kids have stayed up longer at night time, but yesterday I took some speed photos before I packed up all the bags. So with that being said – I have more pictures from our house in Brokind that I love so much!!

Kram//Xx Cissi




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