Merry Christmas/ God Jul






Uncle Mats och Ingrid in da house- Swedish meatballs in the making!


Huset fullt, alla 11 gäster är nu på plats! Massa god mat har idag lagats inför julbordet och sista klapparna är nu fixade för alla. Tror jag. Kolan kokar på spisen och så firar vi Johan oxå som fyller 39 år idag.
Och så får jag samtidigt en massa fina meddelanden om responsen från Expressens artikel om Johan idag ♥ Tack alla fina ni!

Full house, all our 11 guests are now here! Today we have been cooking a lot of food, for our Swedish Christmas Smörgåsbord. I have my chocolate fudge simmering on the stove and all the gifts are all set. I think. We are also celebrating Johan that turns 39 years old today.
At the same time I’m receiving a lot of warm messages as a response on the Swedish article about Johan in Expressen. Thank you all ♥

Ligger efter i bloggandet, dessa bilder togs innan jag klädde granen. Tänkte lägga till några djupt mörkröda kulor också, men det har inte hunnits med.

I’m behind in my blog posts, took these pics of the ornaments the day I decorated the tree. I was planning to add some dark red ornaments as well, but I ran out of time for that.


Nu ska jag iväg och hämta lite Libanesisk mat. Snabbt och smidigt får det bli ikväll. Hinner jag inte kika in här imorrn, så vill jag nu passa på att önska er alla EN RIKTIGT GOD JUL!!

Time for me to pick up some Libanes food. Quick and easy tonight. If I don’t have time to check in here tomorrow I want to wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas/ God Jul

  1. mike link December 24, 2018 / 10:40 am

    Hello Merry X-Mass to you & your family. Thank you for writing about your husbands health struggles. I have been going thru the same thing for 5 years. I could not put a word to it but I read your husbands story about his PTSD & it just fits. As hard as you think it is to deal with… is harder. I can imagine your frustration at times but marriage is for better & worse. Stick with him & keep fighting. I have found the last steps to health are the hardest. He is lucky to have a loving family.Sharing your story has helped me not feel all alone. Good luck I wish you & yours the best in the New Year.



  2. Marie Hallman December 24, 2018 / 4:07 am

    Nu föll ju det jag undrade om ni sett bort… gör nytt försök

    Daniel Carcillo, fd NHLspelare tweetade detta

    Wishing hockey fans a Merry #ChristmasEveEve

    If anyone has Johan Franzen’s contact info, please pass it along

    There is a @TheCarrickInst trained functional neurologist in Norway who will be able to help improve his quality of life

    @Ch5foundation @NHL @NHLPA @DetroitRedWings

    Önskar er en fin jul och bättring till er båda
    Ta hand om er, dig med Cissi

    Hälsar Marie Hallman (hockeyreporter)


  3. Marie Hallman December 24, 2018 / 4:05 am

    Hej Cissi
    Först – en varm hälsning till dig Johan m familj
    Hälsa Johan att det ör så starkt att våga öppna sig
    Finns inget pinsamt som han trodde, tvärtom, i att berätta att minnet sviker
    Vi hejar alla på er.

    Sedan| har ni sett detta?


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