My boys and a Bad mom

xmas 2018

The Bro’s som Eddie-Bo nyss uppdaterade deras Netflix-namn med, haha.

The Bro’s that Eddie-Bo just updated their Netflix name to, haha.

xmas 2018 o

xmas 2018 e

Photos by Andrea Peardon that I used for our holiday cards. My cute boys ♥♥

Nu är dom äntligen friska!! Jo först var det ju mysigt att ha dom hemma, men ju mer dom piggnade till ju mer rastlösa och bråkiga blev dom, haha. Ja igår va ingen kul dag, tjafs och så. Vi gjorde bla slime, tänkte det kan va kul, men nej det var för kladdigt, min banankaka ‘was disgusting’, ville inte spela spel osv. Så jag kände mig mest tjurig. Och så gjorde jag nåt riktigt dumt. Alla mår bra dock. Skriver det innan.
Precis innan vi började göra slime – var Eddie-Bo snabb med att hälla upp lim och vatten i två bunkar, tänkte att detta är inte bra att hälla ur i diskhon, så jag hällde över ‘limvattnet’ i ett nästan tomt mjölkpaket, och ställde det i diskhon… vi gjorde slime och efter det åkte jag iväg en sväng. När jag kom hem hade Johan och Oliver gjort MacCheese. Och jag inser att vi inte hade nån mer mjölk hemma. Karln har alltså gjort MacCheese på limvattnet (liiite mjölk var det ju i iaf…) och dom hade ätit. WTF!! Panik. Men inga magsmärtor ändå. Puh. Varför slängde jag inte mjölkpaketet direkt?!!

På natten innan blev Oliver supersjuk, fick 41.6C feber, stackarn, så läskigt, men han drack massa vatten och äpple juice många gånger under natten. Jag hade kalla handdukar på han, och febern gick ner med febernedsättande. Men jag borde kanske åkt in med han insåg jag på morgonen… Ja, igår var dagen jag kände mig som en riktig Bad Mom.

Now they are feeling good again!! From the beginning it was nice having them home, but yesterday they felt better and they were restless, bored and were not happy, gaa. Yesterday was no fun. Too much fighting. We decided to make slime, but that was too slimy, my banana cake was disgusting, they didn’t want to play games. Yep and I just felt grumpy over the situation. I also did something very stupid. Everyone is ok tho. Just want to say that first.
So before we made the slime Eddie-Bo was fast mixing up glue and water in two bowls, and I thought this can’t be good pouring out in the sink. So I put in an almost empty milk container and put it in the sink. When we were done with the slime I took off for a bit. When I got back Johan and Oliver had made MacCheese. And I realized we didn’t have any milk at home. Hubby cooked MacCheese on the ‘glue water’ (it was a liiiiitle bit of milk in there at least) and they were done eating. WTF!! Panic mode!! But there were no belly aches. Puh. I mean why didn’t I toss the milk container away??!

Also the night before Oliver’s fever got up till 106.9F. Poor thing, he was so sick. He drank lots of fluid during the night, I had cold towels on him, and the fever reliever helped. But in the morning I realized I should have had taken him to a hospital… So yesterday I felt like a really Bad Mom. 

6 thoughts on “My boys and a Bad mom

  1. Jill Rutledge January 12, 2019 / 11:53 pm

    Some days we all feel like a “bad” something. I’m not a mom but my sister is a mom and she’s always so hard on herself. She has 3 boys and sometimes she feels so overwhelmed, she just wants to scream. She’s an interior designer too, so you remind me a lot of her. Just know that you’re doing a great job and raising 2 amazing boys. I love reading your blog and never comment, but I really needed you to know this.


  2. superherochic88 January 11, 2019 / 10:22 pm

    You are NOT a bad mom. The fact that you were taking care of him and worried for him makes you a good mom. You didn’t think about it, you made a mistake. IT Happens! I know I am hard on myself when I make mistakes. Take a breath, show yourself some love and know ur a good mama.

    Btw, cute photos. Love the blog


  3. Lisa Irwin January 11, 2019 / 7:12 am

    All moms make mistakes! Not a bad mom, an always learning mom. 😘


    Liked by 1 person

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