Common theme

1043 Fairfax St Birmingham MI-large-046-35-1043 Fairfax Street00027-1500x1000-72dpi

Jag har varken haft tid eller inspiration till att fota dom senaste dagarna, så jag fortsätter att posta bilder som Nikki på Stylish Detroit tagit. Smidigt ju :)

Ofta när jag designar och planerar, ser jag till att färger och material återkommer i olika rum. Tycker det ger en fin harmoni och röd tråd genom huset. Ett exempel i vårat Amerikanska hus, är att vi har samma beiga grästapet i ‘Powder room’ som det så fint heter…

Because of both lack of time and no inspiration to take photos the last days, I’ll continue to post pictures taken by Nikki at Stylish Detroit. Easy ;)
Often when I design and I’m planning renos or new constructions, I like to use the same material and colors thru the project. I think it gives it harmony and a common theme. For example in our American home, we have the same beige grasscloth wallpaper in the Powder room…

1043 Fairfax St Birmingham MI-large-044-32-1043 Fairfax Street00025-1500x1000-72dpi

…som i matrummet…

…as in the dining room…

1043 Fairfax St Birmingham MI-large-058-79-1043 Fairfax Street00039-1500x1000-72dpi

…och även här i serveringsgången. Andra exempel är att vi har marmor på många ställen, likadana kranar i många badrum, samma klinker i några badrum och tvättstuga mm. Som sagt det ger harmoni, och dessutom underlättar det när man ska göra alla miljoner val till en renovering eller nybygge!

…and in the Butlers pantry. Also the white marble comes back at many places, and I’ve the same faucets in many of the bathrooms, same tile in a few bathrooms and laundry room, same cabinets in many places to mention a few more examples.  As I said it gives a great harmony, and also makes it easier when you have to make a million selections in a big renovation or new construction!

Kram//Xx Cissi

One thought on “Common theme

  1. Mike O'Bryan May 7, 2019 / 1:47 pm

    Hi, I love the use of marble throughout the house. It looks amazing. I must ask…you seem to manage very well at keeping it looking great. Have you had issues with preventing water spots, marking, general cleanliness? Do you have the marble resealed regularly? Any suggestions on upkeep are appreciated and best of luck with your move/house sale. :-)


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