All by myself

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For the very first time I’m alone in our house. (All my boys went camping including cousin Melker!) I’m sitting here in the kitchen listening to Ed Sheeran and just enjoying some me time. After all light summer nights I think the darker August evenings are so cozy.  Soon another two of Eddie-Bo and Oliver’s cousins are arriving. And I have to admit I’m happy to not sleep alone in the house… The music all of the sudden stopped and I heard some noise… I’m not normally afraid of being alone, but I had a mouse in the house the other the night that scared the sh.t out of me, haha!


My relaxing place


My summer’s most relaxing place. Not much to do except some garden work. I still love to renovate and plan for that,  but to live in it -Not my thing at all!! Hopefully next summer our new place will be done. I’ve said it before, all this building dust and our undone exterior are driving me nuts!




Yesterday we left this house and I say – until next time Småland!

Today we are having a well needed family day. I will take the boys to a theater in the afternoon, ‘Lasse Majas Detektivbyrå’. Our summers are always busy with catching up with our lovely friends and family (plus it’s been a lot with the renovation).  I think we are all a little bit drained at the moment and we are looking forward to fly back to the States in a week.

I wish you a great Sunday!
Kram//Xx Cissi



When aunt Nina comes by with home made cinnamon buns!! Yeah!! Thank you!

We’ve been back in our Småland house for a few days. Eddie-Bo has hockey camp in Nässjö, and it’s so much fun!
The weather is great today, we’ve been working in the garden, that I think is so relaxing. The kids just ran over to our neighbor so I think I’ll lay down in the sun for at least ten minutes :)