Renovation update

H E L L O   F R I D A Y

How are you doing??

This bathroom is now waiting for the plumber and for shower walls.

I have been painting all day. I finished up this bathroom, the hallway, some door frames, baseboards, two windows, a closet and the mud hall.

Before we started the renovation, there was just a tiny closet and no space at all here and one of two stairways down to the basement. I wish I could say it was my idea to close the stairway and also take part of the garage to make this space larger, but it was my stepdad’s idea (thank you Lage!!) Turned out great! This is the entry from the garage. 

Mud hall

After all painting I had AW (after work) with myself. I really needed some wine today :)

Looking forward to next week, all paint is done on the first floor so now it’s time to install lights and doorknobs and finish up everything. Yeah! Me and painter Jimmie will continue in the basement. One day it will be done. I think, I mean that’s the plan… gaaa it’s going so slow!! And I don’t like slow.


I wish you all a great weekend :)

Xx Cissi

Renovation progress


I’m so in love with my renovation house. It feels like my baby :)

New in, black mulch and hydrangeas. And this tree, not new :) but so beautiful.
All bushes just got trimmed and outdoor lights are up. I say, thumbs up!
Say hello to Tom, my contractor!


Today I got the kitchen painted, windows and walls. I like the way I work, I let the workers do all prep and I step in and do the fun painting :) The previous owner used oil based paint on the windows and that needs to be sanded before you add new fresh paint. Terrible, time consuming work… but it’s turning out great.

Xx Cissi

Renovation progress


Today I have been painting again. It is so much fun.
My right hand/arm is sore though :)
Here comes an update on what’s going on in my renovation house.

Jimmie the painter, paints and sings along to the rock radio channel.
The tile guy told me he didn’t have the tile yet (that I ordered in June…) and I don’t like to wait so I went home to our house and looked thru our left over tiles from when we build our house, and found these large dark gray tile and marble tile, yeah! Probably meant to be, it turned out better than my first plan, plus I saved some $$.
I got the dining room done today!
Picture taken from the dining room.
The counter tops are installed!! I picked Silestone Quartz, color Helix.  Silestone is resistant to stains, acid, scorch and scratches, which is really good.
I love how the kitchen is turning out. Can’t wait to get it done!!

Yep, that was a little peak from the house. More to come of course.

Xx Cissi

Darlington renovation update


The tile is almost done. It’s still very messy and dirty as you can tell!

Kitchen. White subway tile a la bistro style, me like! The countertop will be installed on Wednesday and the appliances will be installed… I don’t know when, but soon. I hope.
DSC_1054 (1)
Master bathroom. The rest of the walls are patiently waiting for some white paint :)
Love the hexagon tile in the shower floor.
DSC_1053 (1)
Common bathroom. Hard to see in this picture, but the subway wall tile is a soft green/blue color.

Tomorrow afternoon I’m gonna help the painter. I love to paint, so that will be fun.

You know what?! When this house is done, it will look awesome!! Hehe.
Interested of buying the house? It’s located in Bloomfield twp, MI.
Let me know!

Xx Cissi

Darlington St update

H E L L O  M Y  F R I E N D S

My renovation project is making progress. Even though I wish it would go a lot faster…

Dark grey gutters. Looking so good!


Master bathroom. Shower wall tile is up. Tomorrow floor tile will be installed.
Jimmie the painter is working hard. Bye bye to all yellowish ceilings, windows and trim colors. Welcome bright white!
I didn’t pick so much color for the walls, trying to keep it neutral since I’m selling the house. But I couldn’t resist some pastell pink for one of the bedrooms :)
Second bedroom almost done.
Same here, all the bright white was a little yellowish before, and that change makes a huge difference.

Darlington St update


And a special welcome to all my new followers, how fun!!

For those of you who don’t already know, I’m flipping a house and hopefully it will be complete October 1st.

Some shutters, gutters and lights are still missing. And the yard needs a clean up and some love before the ‘For Sale’ sign is up!
The backyard
Tons of  IKEA boxes :) All these boxes were assembled today. Yay!
The floors. Amazing. This is after one coat of stain (bets).
Soon to be the kitchen :)
Buffing in making, before the second coat of stain was added.

That was a little update on my renovation.

I will, when it’s complete, show before and after pictures!

Xx Cissi

Darlington St renovation

Welcome to my renovation!

Darlington Street, lovely street name and the house is gonna be so lovely when it’s complete.
Still lots of work that needs to get done before I can put up the ‘For Sale’ sign. 


I decided to paint the whole house white and I love it.
(The brick was not painted at all before).
New lights, house number, gutters, shutters and some landscaping are next on the outside to do list.

DSC_0461 DSC_0462 DSC_0460DSC_0465

New hardwood floors are in and they now need to be sanded and stained. After that the painter will start to work on the inside. Kitchen and bathrooms and all tile needs to be installed and one hundred other things :)
It goes a little slow, but oh my, I’m so excited and it will be fab when it’s done.
Can’t wait!!

Xx Cissi