Two looks from the weekend


Friday fun. At least for fifteen minutes if you ask Eddie-Bo. Then he said ‘this is no fun for a child’ :) I lasted for 1,5h before I got some blisters. Note to self -use gloves next time you go banans with a hammer!
We ended the Friday night with a spontaneous dinner with the Bengtsson family, instead of taking the car we took the boat, how nice!



My ‘berries’ Jessica and Sofia, two wonderful friends, that last night hosted a great summer party! Blurry pictures -blurry night!

And I think the Swedish weather reads my blog. Since I complained about it the other day, it has been amazing!! A little bit chilly night time though, but whatever. Beautiful days, love it!!

Hamburgö & Fjällbacka

1G6A0666 (1).jpg

My boys ♥



Adorable Nellie.


After Hamburgö we drove to Fjällbacka, just a 7 minutes drive. My mom just told me I’ve been here, hmm no memories of that…



Shellfish soup at Bryggan, yum! I wish I had some picture from the harbor, but when we got here we were all hungry and Oliver was running around like crazy, haha! But I made sure I got ten minutes of speed shopping before we left :)

I just love the west coast in Sweden, it’s so beautiful!! Yesterday we spent the whole day at Liseberg. If you are from Sweden no explanation is needed, but it’s a big, cool, amazing amusement park in Gothenburg. I’ve to go thru my phone to see if I got some good pictures!

A night in a RV


Game and movie night in a RV/husbil! So cozy. Or it was cozy in the end after all fighting and screaming was done… one of those days, gaaaa!!


So where were we?

1G6A0422 (1).jpg

In my dad’s drive way :) Haha! I promised the kids we’ll borrow the RV another day and we’ll start the engine and roll away somewhere! (This is the house I grew up in.  Always nice to come back home!)


Happy Memorial Day



Good morning! Outside breakfast smoothie with my bedheads (morgonrufs)! We woke up to a clear blue sky, stayed in bed for a long time since there is no school today, due to the holiday.  So nice! Oliver stayed in pajamas till 11am. Eddie-Bo needs to get dressed as soon he goes up from bed, pajamas are for babies… ok!!

Today’s smoothie is a mix of, milk (normally use almond milk), beet juice, strawberries, pineapple, blueberries, raspberries, the powder from a Juice plus capsule, and a little bit of agave syrup. Yum!! And all organic of course… :)

Happy Memorial Day peeps! We’ll spend the day at a country club, with pool and family fun activities!