Eddie-Bo at the opening night


Eddie-Bo one lucky little guy, got to play in the intermission last night at the Redwing’s  opening night at the Little Caesar Arena!!



Oliver in the stands cheering for his brother.


Luke the goalie was interviewed, so cute!


Oliver always on the go, here on the way to our new big family room!


I kept the boys home with me today, since it got really late last night. Cozy special day with my favorite boys!

Happy weekend!!


Family weekend



These two ♥♥ At the moment having so much fun together and are mostly happy and easy peasy (will probably change tomorrow because I just said that… hehe!). I think we all are enjoying being busy and being back to routines.


Swim and smoothie after their Flag football premiere. 1,5 h on the field in the crazy heat. I loaded up with golf umbrella, cooler filled with lots of fluid, ice cubes, spray bottle with water, and wet cold towels. It was like a spa under the umbrella :) But it was sooo hot!!


A quick smoothie is always a good idea! This one made of almond milk, banana, strawberries, some ice, and for extra vitamin boost -the powder from two capsules of JuicePlus.

I just posted some random pictures from the weekend on my Instagram @cissifranzen. You can call me Sporty Spice, well I have been doing none sport myself… just been watching :)

Kram//Xx Cissi

First day of school


Eddie-Bo on his way to Kindergarten!! More excited than he looks, he was just very annoyed with his mom and her camera…


Not in the picture here is Oliver screaming and totally upset that we didn’t take the car (we live really close to the school). And he didn’t stop at school either, so I kind of missed being in Eddie-Bo’s classroom like all other parents… so typical and not like him at all.


I made a new try at pick up, hehe… -Mom, please just stop!! :)


Mr Cranky turned in to Mr Happy once we got back home.


Oliver loves being in front of the camera :) Thank you! After the posing we went to speech therapy and to his preschool in the afternoon.

We are all glad to be back to a schedule and routines!

Jet lag and school bus


Yesterday the jet lag hit Eddie-Bo hard. He was supposed to be at a hockey camp, but asked me if he could be home with me instead. So the two of us had a cozy day together, went out for lunch at his favorite restaurant Luxe, played board games, watched some tv and also enjoyed some pool time!

All this while Oliver was gone all day at a field trip with the gym’s kids club (gotta love Lifetime fitness!).

Also gotta love American school buses! Oliver was very excited to ride one for the very first time. I’m glad we catched him and his buddy Beau when they got back (in their too big camp t-shirts). Too cute!!



Two looks from the weekend


Friday fun. At least for fifteen minutes if you ask Eddie-Bo. Then he said ‘this is no fun for a child’ :) I lasted for 1,5h before I got some blisters. Note to self -use gloves next time you go banans with a hammer!
We ended the Friday night with a spontaneous dinner with the Bengtsson family, instead of taking the car we took the boat, how nice!



My ‘berries’ Jessica and Sofia, two wonderful friends, that last night hosted a great summer party! Blurry pictures -blurry night!

And I think the Swedish weather reads my blog. Since I complained about it the other day, it has been amazing!! A little bit chilly night time though, but whatever. Beautiful days, love it!!