Happy Valentines

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Hej, hoppas ni har en fin Alla Hjärtans dag!! Jag kom precis hem till mamma efter en god och härlig middag hos mina vänner Mia och Gustav. Annars har mina dagar varit fyllda med massa roliga byggmöten. Uppdatering kommer, jag lovar!

Hello, I hope you’re having a great Valentine’s day!! I just got back to my mom’s after a lovely dinner with my friends Mia and Gustav. Otherwise my days have been filled building meetings. Update will come, I promise!!

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Eddie-Bo och Oliver, tänk att ni är mina!!! Saknar dessa godingar extra mycket just nu ♥♥

Eddie-Bo and Oliver, can’t believe they are mine!!!! I miss these boys a lot right now ♥♥

Och skål för oss babe. Sista fyra åren har varit grymt tuffa. Men ändå har vi samlat ihop många fantastiska minnen oxå. Koncentrerar mig på det nu och ser framåt. Jag älskar dig!!

And cheers for us babe. The last four years have been really tough. But despite that we have been collecting many great memories as well. I’m concentrating on that and looking forward. Right now we are in a good place. I love you!!

Elf on the Shelf and an outfit


En elf har flyttat in i vårat hus för att hålla koll på barnen innan jul! Haha, kul och från och med i år en ny tradition för oss. Ska bli spännande att vakna upp varje morgon och leta efter han och se vad han har hittat på. Imorse fattades en choklad i Eddie-Bos adventskalender. Antagligen för att han rörde Elf igår. Det får man visst inte :)

An Elf has moved into our house to keep his eyes on the kids before Christmas! Haha, fun and from now on a new tradition for us. We are excited to see what he will do and be every morning when we wake up. Today he had stolen a piece of chocolate in Eddie-Bos Advent calendar, probably because he touched Elf yesterday. That’s a no no!





Vi åkte iväg tidigt igår morse för Eddie-Bos match, och Johan tog Oliver till hans träning. Efter det var jag på ett välgörenhets-event. Så detta mys fick bli på eftermiddagen istället.

We had to leave early for Eddie-Bo’s game, and Johan took Oliver to his practice. After that I went to a charity event, so this Elf thing happened in the afternoon instead of the morning!




Efter kakor och bok var det dax för party med alla föräldrar från Eddie-Bos lag, himla trevligt. Så här såg jag ut, inte på den tidiga matchen dock, då var det mer mys och mindre piff!

Leather pants -Frame   Bag -Gucci  Earrings -Intermix   Old Boots -Alexander Neel  Jacket- Acne, that I’ve had for over 15 years!!

After cookies and reading it was time for party with all the parents in Eddie-Bo’s team, so fun. And this was my look yesterday, well not at the game though. Then it was less make up and more cozy clothes!




Another lovely summer week


Oliver refused to be in the picture, and was hiding behind the camera. Anyhow, our best Lisa in the world is flying back tomorrow. It’s been so nice to have her visiting, the kids adore her and me too!


We have been swimming a LOT.


Been taking many boat rides.


And fishing!

And all these summer evenings on our dock, that never gets old!!

We also made a few trips close to us, and now I can’t find my phone with those pictures. Of course. To be continued :)


My brothers


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My amazing brothers and I ♥ I’m very close to both of them, even though mom spread us out :) Jörgen is five years older than me, and I’m thirteen years older than Victor!! Victor has another dad than me and Jörgen, and I’m super close to both my dad and stepdad. One big happy family ;)

That was some short family info!
Kram//Xx Cissi

Summer evening


Oh my I love these boys so much!! And flossing everywhere all the time, haha! That dance is too funny :) Tonight was such a beautiful evening, so we decided to take a dip in the lake.






I’m sitting here all by myself, feeling happy and thankful. Everything feels so good at the moment. We have been going thru a lot, and right now I’m so happy we didn’t give up. When we hit rock bottom I decided that we needed help, Johan first of all, but I needed support too. And we found that in Colorado at the Markus Institute for Brain Health. So thankful for that place.
And to be able to live right here by the lake, and renovating a dreamy home that is my passion. I hope we will have many many more years to make beautiful memories. Evenings like this ♥

Proud hockeymom


#93 hat on for my favorite player ♥


Another fun hockey tournament in the books for us! No trophy this time, we won a few games and lost two against handpicked Toronto teams, so that’s ok! Eddie-Bo and his team played really well, and I’m so proud of them all. We could have been driving home last night, but half of the team decided to stay and hang out, and it turned out to a great night. Love our hockey family!


We are now back home from Sarnia, Canada. Next on this sport weekend is Oliver’s soccer :) After that we’ll just stay home enjoying a cozy movie night.

Kram//Xx Cissi

About Oliver’s birthday


Oliver 5 years old!! After breakfast in bed, song, and gifts, the door bell rang and a new cool bike and helmet were waiting for him!


Later in the afternoon it was time for his big party to start, 25 kids, 25 adults came to celebrate!


We moved the party from Saturday till Sunday, and I’m so happy the weather switched from rainy and cold to warm and sunny.


Me, Janne, Emma and my mom.


Batman cake from Home Bakery in Rochester.


And I baked the no 5 and a ‘kladdkaka/brownie cake’, yum!


Kisses and hugs to the birthday boy. In the corner you can see the cutest picture of Oliver and Lily. A gift from her ♥

Bouncy house fun!


And the kids got to go fishing! Sometimes they got lucky with candy and smaller toys, and sometimes unlucky with underwear, dirty sock or a diaper :) They thought it was very funny!

It was a very happy and pleased five year old that went to bed last night! Thank you all that came to celebrate our amazing Oliver! That little stinker makes me laugh every day, so proud to be his mom!


They won!!!!!!!!!!


Here they are – 2011 Bloomfield BladesTHE CHAMPIONS of the Grinder Tournament 2018!!!!!! Omg I’m so happy and proud!!


The team played soooo freaking good!!


That happy cute face! Omg, I’m so proud of our Eddie-Bo. He scored 14 goals and a bunch of assists in five games. One assist in the final game, was so beautiful I started to cry. I was sure he was gonna shoot on the goal after he went thru a few players, but decided to pass to his teammate that had an open net. He’s been incredible in all the games. He even got to play defense for the first time in a few periods and did that so good as well. I just love watching him play. Proudest mom on earth!!


Before the final game Eddie-Bo told his team that he’s having a Cup Party in his house if we win! That made me proud too, he has my party genes :) So said and done.  The whole team ended up celebrating at our house, and the team kept playing hockey for four more hours at the sports court and most siblings were swimming. Fun!

Now I’m saying good night after an amazing weekend!!

Fridays with Oliver


I know I’m his mom, but for real… HOW STINKING CUTE!!!! Can’t believe he’s turning five in a few weeks. He’s so happy and funny all the time and I love hanging with him.


No school on Fridays for Oliver, but on his schedule we have speech therapy, gymnastics and a trip to Novi for electrodes on his brain, that helps stimulate his speech signals. And I have to say his speech are getting better and better for every week. I’m so proud of him, he works hard and always with a smile! His friend Axel told him the other day -You used to speak another languages, but now I understand you!! ♥ (Oliver has Apraxia of speech)


He got fingerprint soap in a birthday goodie bag awhile ago, fun!



Have a great weekend! I’m looking forward to celebrate my friend Emma’s birthday tonight. Otherwise we have a pretty lazy weekend ahead of us. Of course with some sport activities!
Kram//Xx Cissi

Rough days


My heart melts for this little guy. Oh Oliver, you are my little happy pill, our happy pill. Always happy and funny. I’m so glad I get to spend so much time with him. Like today Tuesdays, he’s home all morning before his speech therapy starts 11.30 followed by afternoon pre school.


After playing with cars in flour, we opened up Oliver’s car wash.


And then he started to cook a messy soup. I can still remember how fun it was to do ‘geggamoja’ as a kid (do we have a English word for muddy/messy/sticky mix?).

I just got a text from my sweet Lina if I was ok? She said she gets worried when I don’t update the blog.
No I’m not ok. Last days have been really rough again. My poor hubby is not doing well at all. I’ve been sad and worried, but also angry with him, but more angry at the whole situation. I just feel so helpless. There are periods when everything is pretty good, but right now he’s in a dark place. It’s been over three years since he got his last concussion and he’s still dealing with post concussion syndrome. The headaches are gone, but the awful depression… I just want my husband back. I’m trying to do my best to take care of everything, but it never feels enough. I’m normally feeling strong, but right now my guard is down and I’m feeling low, and it’s so painful to see your beloved one struggles so much.

It’s hard to write about and also in respect for Johan. Sometimes I wish I could write more about it. The blog is a happy place for me, like good therapy. I’m so passioned about interior design, I like taking photos and get better at that, and I hope I give you some inspiration. I choose to post most happy things, maybe I should mix more? Or not? I don’t know. I’m just thankful you are checking in here and follow me. That means a lot to me ♥

Kram//Xx Cissi