Who are you wearing?


If you are a fan of American Red carpet shows you know what they ask -Who are you wearing?

Emma- Temperley London (NetaPorter.com) Bag- Louis Vuitton
Me- Jonathan Simkhai (Intermix.com) Bag- Louis Vuitton (old favorite!)


Hair done by talented Peter Elofsson, a very close friend of Emma. Sometimes he works for the Swedish Royal family! (fint ska det va!)

Always fun to dress up and always fun with weddings!  More pictures to come, but want to make sure that’s ok with the newly weds Mr and Mrs Nyqvist first!

Kram//Xx Cissi

Friday’s look


Me, three nights ago. I’m still here, but the snow is gone, yeah!!


Dress// Helmut Lang   Boots// Alexandra Neel (both very old favorites)  Jacket// Forever 21   Lace Net tights// Wolford   Bag// Chanel


Note to self. Order a new handle for the door! It’s working but it’s not straight as you can see. The police had to break in one time when the batteries were dead at the code lock and we didn’t have a key… me and keys -not a good combo. Mom, how many new keys did you make for me when I was a teenager?!! Keys and bikes, were gone all the time!! :)


No dandruff (mjäll), just snow :)


Tomorrow I’ll give you an update on the renovation house!
Kram// Xx Cissi








Random pictures from today

Vörtbröd, check! A Swedish bread we eat this time of the year. I used Santa Marias Vörtbröd mix and followed that recipe.

Me today. I basically live in leather pants and knits at the moment. Or pajamas.

Sweater from Intermix. Love the cut and the long sleeves. (On sale right now!).


Nails, check! Color- Essies Wicked. Fingerless gloves, also from Intermix.

That was my look today when I drove around town, a day when everything went quick, believe it or not!! I did a visit to the mall, then to downtown Birmingham (All gifts, check!) off to the bank, then grocery shopping, and a back adjustment. All that within 3h!! Awesome day, check!

Later, Eddie-Bo and me played pik-a-stik!

Found this mini snowman in the freezer. Lisa, out babysitter is THE BEST!! Always comes up with fun ideas. Today they played with snow inside, haha!!

I kind of gave up on my outdoor lights this year. I got a breakdown when I was all done and plugged in the cords and half of my string lights were dead. So we have a few lights at least, plus I enjoy my neighbor’s lights. Great neighbor’s, check!

It’s now bedtime for the boys. Then I’m gonna wrap the gifts and end the night with a movie, maybe The Holiday, my Xmas favorite movie!!

See you tomorrow,
Kram// Xx Cissi

From the other night

New in is the top// Ella Moss   Leather pants// old favorites from Rag & Bone


Shoes that I bought in Nashville// ASH

That was an outfit from the other day when I went out for dinner!!

I love going out and having fun, but I also enjoy nights at home in pjs or sweat pants :) Like right now. Dinner in the making, hot dogs and pasta coming up, one of the few things Oliver likes… ohh I don’t know what to do, to make him eat real food!!

Kram//Xx Cissi