Some favorites


Necklace// Miansai 
Leather pants// Rag & Bone, Boots// Anine Bing, Sweater// Vince,  White shirt// Maybe from Acne (stolen from Johan’s closet :))
Me and my cute friend Elle on a game a couple of weeks ago

Leather pants, boots and sweaters are some pieces I wear a lot. Comfy and stylish if you ask me. Fall and winter are my favorite seasons when it comes to clothes.

I’ve been having a great busy Saturday and I totally forgot to take pictures.
After a cozy morning, I cut the boys hair, had a playdate with our neighbor, quick birthday fika for Joakim, took the boys to the hockey game at Joe Louis and welcomed Johan’s uncle, cousin plus three more guys to our house!

Time for me to say good night!

Xx Cissi

Gift inspo


My online shopping the other night was a success, yeah! In the next days the door bell will ring a lot, and boom there will be boxes delivered right to the door. Gotta love the service in the States!
In Sweden we need to pick up our boxes at the post office…

Between all Swedish fika and eating Xmas candy I do work out :) Today I was wearing one of my favorite outfits from Shape me up. One of my Swedish best friend’s own brand. I’m so proud of her! You’ll find her blog here.


Lots of shadows in this picture, but I wanted to show you the front of the pants!

Another favorite is this water bottle from  S’well. Comes in many different styles, it keeps your drink cold for 24h and hot for 12h. I’m trying to use less plastic. This bottle is so easy to clean, compared to many glass bottles. Thumbs up for that!


Also love my new spinning shoes from Shimano


Maybe this could be a little inspiration for your holiday shopping or just gifts for yourself!

Xx Cissi

Please don’t go

Can’t believe how fast this week went by. Thank you Pirri and Macke for a great time. They are childhood friends and I’ve known them since I was sixteen years old. Lots of fun memories :)

We snapped some photos before we went out for dinner and paaarty last night.

Rock n roll
The photographer (Johan) thought we should have the Detroit pictures in the background so he climbed up in the ceiling, no, but on a chair. So creative, hehe :)

See you soon. Time for me to say good night.

Xx Cissi

Sunday Funday


What a beautiful day. I really love the fall. I also love family days.

Today was a special day.
Eddie-Bo played his very first hockey game, yeah! I have to admit that I got teary eyes when he entered the ice.
It was so much fun watching them play.



While Eddie-Bo was on the ice, and that was for 1h 45min today, Oliver was everywhere else around the rink, running around like crazy, up and down the bleachers, out to the parking lot, into the restrooms, into the locker rooms. That man.
He might be the next Usain Bolt :)


After the game it was time for some brunch.


New favorite coat/ from Joseph.
Oversized, soft and comfy. Me like.

Now time for Homeland.

Xx Cissi

Fall is around the corner


Cardigan/By Malene Birger

I have a feeling this cardigan is gonna be one of my favorites in the fall! I love the fall, but I’m not ready yet!
And try to be a model, not my thing. And my husband takes like three pics and he’s done. We both need to work on this.
Hello, I’m a blogger now ;)

Pictures from my renovation is coming up in a few hours. Promise.
See you later!

Xx Cissi