What’s on the menu?


Breaded fresh cod, mashed potatoes and peas, yum!! Easy to make, just so boring to peel the potatoes… 

Panerad torsk, potatismos och ärtor, så himla gott!! Smidigt att göra, förutom att skala potatis då, måste ju va bland det tråkigaste finns. I Usa gör dom oftast potatismos med skal, inte lika gott tycker jag!
Funderar på att börja skiva på svenska oxå? Vad tycker ni om det??



About last night

May 5th – Cinco de Mayo!! What fits better than celebrate the Mexican holiday with Fajitas,  Quesadillas, Margaritas and Coronas?! (Sorry Jonathan, that I took a picture while you were eating, but you look amazing anyway like always!) A fun night with great people, and the kids had a blast as well!

Today is a busy day. I started the morning at the gym, then I’ve been packing up our bags, cleaning out one guest room (my mom is coming to visit us soon, yeah!) and organized the rest of the house. Busy day, but we are going to the airport in a few hours, and I’m so excited for our family vacation!

Stay tuned!

This salad!


Ahi Tuna salad from Luxe (in Birmingham). Always a phone call away when I don’t want to cook!
It’s a perfect mix with the seared ahi, cabbage, edamame, cucumber, red onion, cilantro, crispy wontons and a magic soy balsamic, yum yum!!

I started the day to clean out and organized the closet in the mud hall. Finally time to put away and wash all winter clothes. I also got my hair done and then I spent the afternoon outside with the kiddos! I’ve been so busy lately so it was nice with a day off!

Now, movie night! Lion or La La Land it is…

A better Wednesday night


Lovely dinner at the Zetterberg’s! On the menu -Ribeye with Roasted potatoes, parsnip and carrots and bearnaise sauce. So good!!


I have to admit I wasn’t as thirsty tonight as Sunday night when we had the big Farewell to the Joe party… I’m still recovering from that, hehe.


Behind the doors, tonight’s chefs, Bengt and Kalle, Emma’s dad and cousin.


Dessert- Emma’s Nutella Ice Cream. Delicious!!! And the best, easy to make -Mix 1 jar of Nutella + 1 liter (4 1/4 cups) heavy whipping cream. Whisk till it’s fluffy and put in the freezer for about 4h. Add blueberries and raspberries right before serving. You have to try it!



A tired me and beautiful Emma!! Right before this photo was taken, the cake was really close to land on the ground. I would have eaten it anyway :) And you could think there was a dress code on the invitation, jeans and blue/white stripes!

My last days have been crazy busy and productive! Both the renovation house here and the Swedish one have been taking most of my time, plus the kids of course, some work out sessions and other appointments  and meetings to catch. My head has even been spinning night time, most with ideas for the Swedish house.
Now a dose of NyQuil, because I need to sleep tonight! Zzz… Good Night!


Waffle day




Hello!! March 25th = Waffle Day in Sweden! So, that’s what we just ate for lunch, and that made two boys really happy and to be honest I’m a big waffle lover too!
It’s raining at the moment and we’ve been having cozy time and been playing board games. But I think it’s time to get dressed in rain boots, rain pants and coat and go outside and jump in the puddles. The most exciting we’ve planned so far for today :)