More from 1Hotel South Beach


Hello my friends! This lobby at 1hotel, come on!! The mix of concrete, all the white and the wood… love everything about it. And the cool wall in the background is made of moss!


Cosy cosy! The table, yes please.


A big extra plus for this hotel – its eco friendly.  Like all materials, food is organic and locally grown, triple filtered water everywhere etc. More of that to the world!!


Cool elevator entrance. Not cool at all if you ask Oliver. When we were here with the family, we all walked out on our floor, except for him. Oh he panicked when the door closed, poor little thing. I went all the way down to make sure he couldn’t leave the building, had a worker get his elevator down and the door opened up and he was NOT there… oh mini heart attack… Johan found him after 7 minutes on another floor, probably felt like a lifetime for him. I have never seen him so sad, he cried all day on and off and said -door closed I missed you ♥

Today -office day! My worst… but need to get organized with papers and everything else before we go home to Sweden. I needed a break from that, you know this blog is like therapy for me :) I was just on the phone with our bank for an hour, had an issue and they kept saying it shouldn’t be like this and me I KNOW just fix it!! Things like that drives me nuts!!

Time to finish up before I need to pick up Eddie-Bo. Doctor appointments (just 4 and 6 year old check ups) and a play date are on our afternoon schedule!


What a weekend!


After two evenings with amazing fancy restaurants… Friday night at Milos -with mediterranean seafood, absolutly fantastic food, and Saturday night we went to Komodo -a super cool place with great ambiance and Asian fusion food, love!! (also with a night club on the third floor if you like that)… we decided to have a casual Sunday night sharing lots of different street food. That didn’t go so well, haha, but we ate at three different places at least :)

We started across the street from our hotel at Continental, ate delicious spring rolls filled with beef and some insanely good cheese… followed by a stop at Sultan (A must when I’m in Miami) where we spilt a no 14, a plate with kebab, gyro, tzatziki etc… yum!

After a long nice walk, but with no street food we ended up at the hotel Delano!

OMG their tuna pizza with truffle might be the best I’ve ever eaten… can’t stop thinking about it, haha!!


And this is Delano’s pool, love the design here as well! My friend Glitzy stayed here last year. So glad she gave me a tour of the hotel when we met up!


We are now sitting on the flight back to Detroit (it only takes 2h 40 min!) I’m so thankful and filled with inspiration and energy after this amazing weekend. Thank you Miami, hubby, Marc and Jana -you are the best, love you all!!

Hello from Miami




Some pictures from our room. Once again we are staying at 1Hotel, and I just love the interior design here. More pictures to come.

We just got back from a long morning walk and brunch. Now- time to relax in the sun. Sunday Funday for sure!

I wish you a great day!

On our way back to Miami


Beachcraft and 1Hotel in Miami. I’m drooling over the design here…


These two cutie pies are staying home this time.


I want this bench and the big plants!

I’m so excited to spend the weekend in Miami, with hubby and our friends Marc and Jana!!

Hello from Miami




Vacay mood is on! Sun, cabana, pool, beach, ocean and family time, love love love!! We arrived in Miami late Saturday night. Someone (nope, not me this time!!) accidentally booked a 8pm (evening) flight instead of 8am oops… however the kids slept almost the whole flight and everything went perfect.

We are staying at wonderful 1Hotel South Beach and the design is amazing! I’m getting so inspired. More pictures to come.

Now -morning work out and breakfast before another relaxing day at the beach!

Kram//Xx Cissi

Good evening from the airport

1G6A8893 (1).jpg

Hello!! Long time no see :) I’ve been busy working and preparing for our trip tomorrow. We decided to check into Westin at Detroit Metropolitan airport, to save some time and stress tomorrow morning. Me like!!
I had a plan to take a cool picture of Oliver when he was looking out at the airplanes, but once the camera was up he was done with that, hehe! This little man. Is fast.

1G6A8884 (1).jpg


I love my suitcases from Rimowa. It’s eight years since I got them and I’ve decided to like all the defects and scratches, and see it’s as memories. But… I’m drooling over their new collection Bossa Nova…


See you in… stay tuned!!
Kram//Xx Cissi

Hello from Beverly Hills Hotel


IMG_0529.jpgSo we are staying at the legendary Beverly Hills Hotel, located on Sunset Boulevard. It’s very glamorous and classy, peachy and green colors everywhere and very old Hollywood style, super cool!




Breakfast to die for. Yesterday we ate breakfast with Nicole Kidman. No, not really, but she was there. And no, I didn’t even see her, but Emma saw her when we left. So mad at myself, haha!!!


Me and Emma are at the moment having a cozy night at the hotel room, with room service, watching the final of The Voice. We are very tired from last night, we had a blast!!

More photos will come!!!

W South Beach









W South Beach, 2201 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL, 33139

I LOVE this hotel. The design, cool people, great food, always a nice vibe here. It’s also kids friendly without being a family hotel. And it’s only 2,5h flight away from us. That’s why I’m keep coming back all the time, with or without kids!

The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

We stayed at The Cosmopolitan. Super big, super nice, great location on the Strip, great pool areas, restaurants, night clubs and even day club, shopping, cafe’s and casino of course :)  I can really recommend this hotel. It’s unreal how big all the hotels/casinos are. If you take a look at the top ten of the world’s largest hotels, six of them are located in Las Vegas! CosmoA







Thompson Chicago




IMG_1589 IMG_1593 IMG_1596 IMG_1606 IMG_1608 IMG_1617 IMG_1619

Nice, right?! I just love this hotel!!

Today we’ve spent most of the day at home with the kids, except for a trip that included a work out, quick lunch and shooting (more about that tomorrow, it was so much fun). The work out was well needed after all delicious food we been eating the past week!

Cozy dinner at home is now waiting. See you tomorrow!

Xx Cissi