Renovation update


Yesterday, these guys woke me up and said -We are coming to install the railing. And I thought ‘Wow on a Saturday’!! Then i realized it was Thursday :)


Love! Will show you some before and after pictures soon.


The floor, taadaa!! Only the shoe molding (liten list) is missing here.


The living room.


From the kitchen.


Love the ceiling!


The family room, or at the moment my contractor’s office and lunch room! Next week it’s time for me to paint the chimney! This room got painted long time ago. I remember I said white shelfs please, but I changed my mind and called back an hour later and said grey! But it was too late, they work fast my painting crew!! But it still bugs me a little, even if it looks  good!

Ok, let’s go down to the basement!


Drywalls in the new laundry room, check!

1G6A0299 (1).jpg

And I guess they are drywalling here, right now! It was a weird layout here from the beginning. Hard to see in the picture, but we knocked down a door and a closet, moved the door to the bathroom and made a whole new laundry room where a storage room was.

And behind me is…


… this room, that is waiting for paint and a cozy carpet. And a clean up!

Renovation update


Countertops, check! Once again I’m using quarts, that is not (so damn) sensitive as real marble and I’m super happy with the result. (Zodiac quarts, color London Sky, from Hard Rock Stone works).


My floor company, Finishing Touch, is sandblasting and staining the rest of the floors this week. They were five guys total  when I made a quick stop to take some pictures!


The railing is all done, and soon the floor will be matching.


Everything on the second floor is pretty much all done. Only the doors and mirrors for the bathrooms are missing up here.


Next week the kitchen will be completed and the painters will be back. I might help them, I love to paint! There is also more work in the basement to do.

We are getting there!! Can’t wait!

Renovation progress

1G6A8683 (1).jpg

A peek into the powder room. As you can see it’s not all completed, but soon. The plumber is coming back in a few days to finish up his work. The porcelain floor tile, I found at Home Depo, on sale! And the vanity I found at Advanced Plumbing (Fairmont designs/Acacia is the brand name).

A cozy night at home is waiting for me. I just called and ordered some sushi, yum! I’m still tired from the party two nights ago, haha! So when the kids are in bed I’m having a date night with the tv :)

Kram// Xx Cissi

Renovation update

Today my guys started to install the kitchen! This area was before the old kitchen and a dining room, and I really like the new lay out, now with a big kitchen and a mud hall (groventre) in the back. Also, in love with the boxed ceiling (that also cover the new beam we had to add since we got rid of a wall.)

Kitchen cabinets from Ikea -Bodbyn.

The new mud hall. This is the space I was talking about yesterday. (part of the old dining      room).

1G6A8679.jpgAnd here is the new entry way from the garage.

We have about four more weeks until it’s all done!! Woop woop!


Renovation update

One of the bedrooms. Love the floors and the wall color, SW6198 Sensible Hue. A gray with a tone of ‘dirty green’. I’m obsessed with gray/green colors at the moment.

Another bedroom. SW7650 Ellie Gray. All ceilings and trim has been painted with bright white.

Master bathroom. SW6205 Comfort gray. Another green color.

Also from the master bathroom.

Kitchen at the moment. Almost ready for drywalls. This is the biggest change in the house. Will show more pictures when it’s easier to see what’s going on!

This boxed ceiling will look amazing when it’s done. It was my contractor’s great idea, since we got rid of a big wall and needed to add a beam, and tadaa, the beam is now hidden.

The bed is calling,  alarm is set for 5.20am… Zzz… No beauty sleep, haha. But, a lovely ski trip is coming up, so totally worth getting up for!

Kram//Xx Cissi

Landscaping, check!


I snapped one quick photo of the renovation house before I left. My landscaping company cleaned up the yard, got rid of some bushes and added a few new ones, plus fresh black mulch. All that made a huge difference. Now it’s only the railing left, that I want to change… otherwise everything is done on the outside!

Remember before:

Renovation update

I just ordered a new railing (staket och trappräcke) the one you see above, well not really my taste…

IMG_0100.jpgThe painters are done ripping off all the wallpapers and are now doing all the prep work.

At the same time the tile guys are doing there job. This pictures was taken right before the holiday, and this one at lunch time today, speedy guys, love it!!


I’m still in love with marble. But it’s too expensive to use a lot of it at a flip house, so I decided to use marble thresholds (trösklar) to get a more luxury feeling.

And second bath looks like this right now.


I wanted to do herringbone pattern (fiskbensmönster), but that require more cutting and time… so I passed on that. But I really like that look!

Oh I should have taken a better picture of the kitchen… the wall between the old kitchen and dining room is gone and a new beam is up in the ceiling, so this space will now turn into a big kitchen and a mud hall (groventre).
And where the door is, the new stove and rang hood will be!


Now, I’m gonna keep working on the kitchen lay out. The plumber and electrician will start their work in the kitchen in a few days, so I need to hurry up!!

And now my landscaping guys showed up to do a fall clean up at our house. I’ve done some of that myself, which I really like, but my sensitive back is not a big fan of yard work. Well, I must say I do a good job creating work for many people!! Did I say my babysitter is here too :)

Ok, kitchen planning it is, pronto!!

Renovation update

Here is the tile I picked out. To the right, is for the Master bathroom and the greige and white to the left is for the second bathroom! Neutral it is :)


News from Ikea is this nice vanity (Hemnes grey) and I think it will look fab in the master.


 Same but smaller for the second bathroom, in this black-brown color.


1G6A6533.jpgRight now – Master bathroom. The tile guys are coming next week, yeah!!

1g6a6531I’m so happy with the new color of the house. It looks so much bigger when the brick got painted in white! I’m not a big fan of the railing, but that’s a big expense, we are working on that at the moment, so we’ll see how that goes…

I’m almost done with the plan for the powder room (toalett och handfat) and next on my list is the design and layout for the kitchen. This is so much fun!!

Got to go! Nail appointment coming up :)

Renovation update

The painters are working so fast. Love it. And thanks to the warm weather they were able to paint the brick. Otherwise we would have just done the door and shutters.

Good bye green and welcome grey. (Sherwin-Williams, SW 7069 Iron ore is the color)

1G6A6169 (2).jpg
Behind this glass door there is another door, but I couldn’t close it since it was just painted.

On the inside I have a few demolition men working in full speed!!

Master bathroom.

Second bath.


Carpets are gone and the hardwood floor is in a great condition. I did sneak under the carpet, in all the corners before I bought the house, and I thought they looked good, but you never know… They will be sanded and stained later in the process.

This is so much fun!! And I picked out the kitchen faucet, all bathroom faucets, shower heads, bath tub, toilets etc at Advanced Plumbing today. After that I got all tile done as well.
I know what I like and make fast decisions. Also when you have a budget it cuts down your choices. Great productive day!